beaker with art

Hi! I'm

Angel Deocampo

I'm a UX/UI Designer that combines my knowledge of science and art to craft exceptional user experiences that blend data-driven insights with creative solutions

I'm a logical creative that transitioned from pre-med to design services that are accessible, thoughtful, and successful

I'm also a founder, dancer, and video editor for a K-POP Dance Team. I enjoy playing rhythm games, doing puzzles, and reading Webtoons to pass the time

recent designs


APRIL 2023

How might we make a convenient informational platform for international K-POP fans with limited time in order to compile and organize focused content into a single place

arkpop project preview project preview

february 2023

How might we redesign a state unemployment website for newly unemployed individuals seeking state compensation in order to make the process clear and welcoming


"Angel is a valuable team player and a curious learner! She actively participates in class, asking good questions and sharing her insights to improve projects. Her gift for storytelling and attention to detail bring her assignments to life with flair and creativity. As a proactive helper, Angel brings her knowledge of coding and other tools to the table and is always willing to lend a hand to her peers and instructional team, making collaborating a joy. As her TA for the past six months, seeing her exponential growth as a designer was a pleasure."

- Tridz Banerjee Instructor

"I had the pleasure of working with Angel! She always had a curious mind, empathy for others in the class, and good discipline to meet project deadlines and deliverables. Whoever gets to work with Angel must feel lucky as she will bring amazing energy, ideas, and vision to her team!"

- Begum Oral Instructor